Civil Law

Provides assistance and support to the client in the most different areas of Civil Law, with emphasis on the contractual area. It has large experience in litigation in this area.

  ▪ Preparation and analysis of contracts generally;

  ▪ Assistance, opinions and legal performance in proceedings dealing with assets, legal facts and acts;

  ▪ It proposes actions for credit recovery: executions, monitory actions, collection and search and seizure;

  ▪ It acts in real-estate law, in issues involving regularization of real estate, lease, joint-property, land allotments, incorporations and shopping centers;

  ▪ It acts in contracts law, in the filing and answer of actions relating to responsibility in tort, occupational accidents and damages resulting from the provision of services;

  ▪ It acts in family law, through the filing of actions of separation, divorce, interdiction, guardianship, trusteeship and alimony;

  ▪ It acts in inheritance law, by means of the opening of probate proceedings, distribution of estate and wills.